House for Toys


The girls have taken to create houses for their toys and dolls in everything other than the dolls house. Now as you can see it is the coffee tables. This was so cute and well organised I had to take a picture of it all as I need to tidy up. I know the kids will be upset that they have to build it again but I am sure they will have fun organising it all.

Do your kids take their toys and use other things around the house as well? The dolls toys came with a dolls house for their birthday last year but as you can see they are not using the house, although they do, just not lately.

Dolls dining room

Dolls house all set up! But not in the house, another one called the coffee tables.

House is ready now!

House is ready now!

Relaxing watching television

Relaxing watching television

Now off to tidy up the mess and see if I can sort out the toys. I find it sad to take it all apart as it looks like they went to a lot of trouble to sort it all out.  Send in your comments.

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  • Foodie in WV
    June 24, 2013

    My two boys build forts and castles 🙂 They tend to destroy them themselves though when they are done playing!

    • Suzanne
      June 24, 2013

      Yes my girls love building cubbies, houses, shops and dolls houses, the list is endless. It is so great to see the imagination.

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