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Welcome to my final post about moving house.

It is nearly the end of the year and for some this means a new start; A new or bigger home, or maybe a move interstate.  End of year also means that many with be on holidays and so will the kids, perfect time to focus on what needs to be packed and moved to your new house.

It does not matter where you are moving to, you will need some great quality boxes to help you pack up all your treasures and items for the big day.

So how can Hire A Box help you?

Hire A Box has two great options. You can hire the boxes or you can purchase new/used ones.

  • Hiring boxes – This is a great idea. Once you are finished with them they can be returned and someone else can use them. (3 months is the maximum hire period). There is no delivery fee if you hire $65 or more worth of boxes. I like the idea of being able to hire the boxes. As someone that has moved so many times that I have lost count it would be good to just get rid of the boxes and have someone come and sort it all out for you. Plus, it is good for the environment, you are recycling the items for more than one use.
  • Buying boxes – If you wish to have the boxes for more than three months then this would be a better option for you. You also get free delivery if your order is over $99
Different types of boxes from Hire A Box

Different types of boxes from Hire A Box


Check out my 7 Packing Tips to Move House With Ease

All the boxes ready to be packed.

All the boxes ready to be packed.

Tips for packing boxes:

  1. Get good quality boxes first. Good boxes that are sturdy to hold books and heavy items. You don’t want to have flimsy boxes that will break as soon as you put anything with weight into them.
  2. Make sure to pack heavy items in smaller boxes. This way they will not be too heavy to lift and don’t make them too heavy.When I was little my mum packed a whole lot of her books in a tea chest (a real tea chest, not a cardboard box). When we got to our new house my dad could not lift it due to how heavy it was. He of course was very annoyed and upset about it all. So, avoid upset and hurting yourself and don’t pack all your books together. Make sure that you have boxes that can be lifted easily.
  3. Put lighter things in bigger boxes – Pillows, files, teddies, keep sakes and glassware.
  4. It is a good idea to reinforce the bottom of the box with tape. If the box has been used before this is essential as the box will stay together and be stronger for your current move.
  5. Don’t have items poking out the top of the box, always make sure you can seal the box. This will make sure that your items stay secure.
  6. Make sure that all boxes are labelled so that you can see easily what is in them. If they are not labelled you will have to open them all to find what you are looking for.

If you do decide to purchase boxes some are great to store your Christmas decorations, files, and the winter woollies. It is always great to have some good quality boxes that will allow you to pack much loved items away for future use.

So now that you have your boxes regardless of whether you have hired them or purchased, you now need to get packing. I know this is one job that I really don’t enjoy and if I could have someone do it for me I would.

The lovely team at Hire A Packer packing up a bedroom.

The lovely team at Hire A Packer packing up a bedroom.

Did you know?

You can hire the lovely team at Hire A Packer to do all your packing for you. Everything done and a no stress way to pack your house.

If you loved the idea of not doing it yourself, you could also hire the team at Hire A Mover to move all your prepacked boxes to your new place.  This is the way to go, not lifting a finger and moving house. Ideal if you ask me.

This post was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover, a Sydney Removal company.

Thanks for following my series about Moving House. I hope that you got some great tips out of my posts. If you have a great tip that can help others please feel free to email me.

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