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Catching up on some much needed sleep. Image courtesy of tiverylucky /

Catching up on some much needed sleep. Image courtesy of tiverylucky /

While the kids were on school holidays, I took them to an indoor play centre. The weather was extremely windy and thought rather than sit miserably cold at a park, why not be indoors.  I also did not want to have a tree fall on me or branches fall on us.

Not many people were there and there was one mother with her three kids, one the girls age, the other about two, and one a baby. She was frazzled and just in need of some time out. I understood! Being the sole carer and having no friends or family near by is hard. I sometimes lose the plot with two kids and cannot imagine an extra at the moment. Although I do think that if I did have another baby now the twins would be super helpful. We recently visited their baby cousin who is now four months old and they were acting like big sisters. Fussing, taking care of her and making sure she had her blanket on. It was super cute.

I ended up chatting to this stressed out mum while I was at the play centre and  I helped her out. I felt for her. She did not have a lot of money and did not have her license so she relied on public transport. This is a big thing to handle when you are not feeling the best and dealing with three kids. Plus dealing with the whinging of the kids, “I’m hungry!’ and “Are we there yet!”

I helped with the baby, gave her older child some kind praise and encouraged the girls to play with her to make her included in the kids games. This allowed this mum to have some time to have a tea and put her feet up for a small window. Not a lot but a little bit helps.  I thought of this frazzled mum when I read the story about a mum who fell asleep at a play centre. Another mother stayed and looked after her child while she rested and only left the centre once this mother woke and all was okay. Very nice indeed!

This mum who slept at the play centre was extremely embarrassed and upset that she had fallen asleep. To do this, this woman must have been utterly exhausted and sleep deprived and I do understand.  This story and the lady I encountered made me think it was nice that there are people who take the time to help. I was glad that I was able to give this woman some help and kindness when she needed it, not like one woman years ago at the same centre.  I asked her to watch my kids for small moment while I go to the bathroom. I was chatting to her, my kids were playing with hers. So I thought it would not be a bad thing to ask. She gave me a filthy look and said, “What do you want me to do?” Talk about rude!

Acting like this to others is just plain horrible and not helpful. God forbid you were in jam and needed the help of another person.

I hope they help you and not ignore your plea. For those that have this horrid attitude about helping or being kind to others, I hope that karma dishes you up something delightful.

If you don’t help why should you be helped in the future. Well that is my view.

I was glad that I helped this lady out the other week, and I hope that she managed to get more of a break. Talking to her I found out that her husband works shift work and long hours and she is in a town where she knows no one. That is hard. I tried to give her some things to do or to seek out that might help her. Playgroups, Mother groups, and so on.

Have you helped another mum? Or was it just someone that needed a helping hand and not a mum? It could be anyone.

Be kind and help someone if they need it. Have a great day!

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