Go the F*$K to Sleep


Lately the girls are staying up and causing havoc, either it is many visits to the toilet, getting a glass of water, telling us they are still hungry, playing games, hurting themselves, losing toys, wants more stories to be read, then the girls want to read you the story again and again, and the list continues.

It is not like the kids are not tired, at lunch time we noticed that both girls had very tired eyes, but no day nap was had. As you can imagine, if no day nap, you would think that they would crash after dinner. No such joy.

Not sure why this is occurring. One reason might be the fact that they are on school holidays; with school they are more tired, mentally and physically. This could be it, or it is just that they are getting older and staying up later?  Does this happen to you? Tired children and still they take forever to go to sleep.

Today at compulsory rest time, Julia used her stealth invisible technique to move through the hallway unnoticed. It was a great technique and it worked, daddy and mummy did not notice her. I was in the dining room doing some sewing (more preparation actually than actual sewing), and I saw something move on the floor. I looked up and there was this red blanket and then a head surfaced and it was Julia. She was very pleased with herself, and I too thought it was clever; however she needed to go back to her room.  After the girls were finally in their room tonight we could not help but have a giggle about her “cloak of invisibility”, reminded us of the film “Eric the Viking”.

After so many times that the girls surfaced from their room, both of us were muttering “Go the f*$k to sleep, although not said to them, just to us. It made us think of the book of the same title.

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Do you have this problem at your house? Do your kids muck around at bed time? My girls are normally good, however the last week or two has been a nightmare trying to get them to bed.  What do you do to help kids go to sleep? Are there any tricks that you can share to help people with sleepy kids that don’t want to rest? Send in your comments.

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