End Violence Against Women


Did you know?
“On average, one woman is killed every week at the hands of a current or former partner”


That is just a horrible and shocking statistic! Don’t you think?

One woman killed every week. Just awful.

This is just one fact but there are more horrible data that shows that violence against women is real and it needs to stop. 

So what do you we do to stop this? How do we do our bit to make this world a safer and happier place to be in?

Well it actually starts at home. It is how you treat each other, how you speak to your children, how you interact with others, if you help someone that is in trouble and so on. Just being a lovely person and making sure that we treat each other nicely and equally.


Children copy what is modeled for them. If you are angry, yell all the time, treat women terribly and make excuses for boys/men for bad treatment of women and girls then your sons and daughters will expect that this is what is supposed to happen.

The cycle of violence starts with disrespect. “Disrespect starts with the beliefs and attitudes we develop from a young age.”

You would already know that I have twin daughters. I have always told the girls that they can tell daddy and me anything. The kids know that if someone is being horrible and disrespectful that they tell their teacher or another adult. In the past it has been older kids and I am sorry to say that it was mostly the boys that were horrible to the twins. However as they have grown up they are standing up for themselves and can tell these boys and sometimes girls to stop their behaviour or they tell me (mummy).

I am not worried about telling another parent their child is being violent or horrible to my kids. I have rarely done this, however on the odd times I have the parents were very upset about their child’s behaviour.

Now we have a little boy I am mindful that he grows up knowing that girls are to be treated the same as he wishes to be treated and to be respectful of others. I don’t think that due to the fact that I now have a boy and also have girls that what we will do will change. I make sure that all kids are polite, respectful and kind to others. It does not matter on your sex, how you look or what you are doing in life. You need to treat others like you wish to be treated, it is simple as that. BE NICE!

Did you know?
“One in three women has been a victim of physical or sexual violence,
since the age of 15, from someone known to them.”



Did you know?
That without realising it you can say or do things that are disrespectful. “You throw like a girl” , “Don’t worry it wasn’t that bad”, or Make excuses for bad behaviour, or ignore the bad behaviour due to not wanting to get involved.

Download the respect checklist. This checklist gives you questions that your boy/girl might be faced with and what you think they would do in a certain situation. It allows you to have some conversations with your kids about respect to others, how to speak out against violence/disrespectful behaviour and attitudes and more.

If you would like more guidance the conversation guide is a great tool for parents. It helps you start the conversation about respect and allows you to discuss sensitive issues with the kids.

Have you had to have a conversation with the kids about being respectful? Or has there been a situation where you had to tell another parent about their child’s bad behaviour against your kids? Let us know.



Disclaimer: I was approached to help spread awareness of this campaign “Reduce Violence Against Women and their children – Stop it at the Start.” I have not accepted payment for this post as I believe in the message and the fact that this is something that everyone needs to be aware of.

Parents especially need to be aware of the words that we are using when we talk to others and especially our children. Kids are sponges and absorb everything we do and say, if we model nice and respectful behaviour children will also be polite and respectful.

I was very sad to see the shocking statistics about how many women die and also how young it does start with young girls.

This has to stop! Help spread awareness of this great campaign. If you share this campaign on social media please use the following hashtags: #stopitatthestart #respect


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