Cleaning or study? Dilemma to fit it all in


If only I could clone myself, this way my other copies can do the cleaning and other chores while I enjoy doing things I like to do. I know this is a fantasy but it is a great idea, maybe in the future this might be so.

I am looking around at a messy house again, not feeling the best and deep down knowing that I still need to do university work as well. I think it will be a cleaning day tomorrow as I can get more done, then maybe I can sit down to do university without the thought that the house is a mess. Easter holidays are around the corner and would like to get the place sorted out before this happens.

Housework is not my lot in life; I don’t aspire to have a sparkling home, although I would like it to be neat, clean, tidy and easy to find things. Currently it is a bit of a shambles.  This is nothing that cleaning on my own will not fix. Having little people around to either mess things up or make it impossible to get anything done. It was so much easier without kids; you could power through and have no interruptions.

It is sad that you seem to never get all things done in the time allotted, or maybe I am just bad at this mum time management. When working I got all tasks completed on my to do list; now it is a whole other story.  I must say that maybe it is me procrastinating by cleaning, but I must say that both needs to be done and cleaning without kids around is preferable.

I still think if I had robots, or clones to do the work that would be a great help, I know not available currently. Do you have help at your house for the day to day, or is it just you?  This week I am going to power through the cleaning, the study and get heaps done, maybe powered by coffee. What are you going to achieve this week? Send in your comments.

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